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FRIME, an established but not-well-known B2B company in the fishing sector, tasked us with improving its brand positioning and providing it with an identity focused on solid messaging around sustainability.

Given this objective, we defined the brand values, personality, and tone and we told a story of ethics and respect for the seas leading to top-quality tuna. We used the tagline “The Sustainable Tuna Company”.

  • Art Direction
  • Logo
  • Packaging
  • Rebranding
  • Webpage

Fresh and transparent

We built a new visual identity to convey the image of a modern, innovative, and professional company operating worldwide.

We developed a fresh graphical style—unique in this sector—based on blue and yellow to suggest the sea and the flagship product, yellowfin tuna. And we communicated the company’s transparency and ethical commitments with a simple and very visual system of pictograms.


Packaging that communicates
respect and quality

We created honest packaging prioritizing the product as the absolute protagonist and harnessing production solutions that minimize environmental impact, thus showing maximum respect for the ingredient and for the seas.

Easy website navigation

We designed a very immersive and visual website with an intuitive and attractive user experience while always taking SEO into account. The site targets professionals and helps them find all necessary information related to the business and its commitment to social responsibility.
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