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A bath filled with emotions

Find Your Happy Place, the bath and body brand that draws inspiration from moments of happiness and disconnection, asked us to create a visual world full of personality that reflects their evocative, colorful spirit.

For the new collections, we created illustrations and fun visuals that recreate special moments. An opportunity to transform a bath-time routine into a unique moment.

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Imagery bursting
with color

We designed custom illustrations to give each one of the collections its own style and personality. To convey a specific mood, we recreated unique scenes built in a playful, fresh way in a 2D setting.

Click and choose your
moment of well-being

We breathed life into the collection on social media and on Walmart’s online store with photographic and illustrated visuals that combine elements specific to each collection with sensory textures, product application and a range of formats. By doing so, we were able to convey this new bath-time concept that transports users to their favorite moment of well-being.