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Breaking through the blond myth

Revlon Professional commissioned us to do a blond hair product activation campaign with a ground-breaking approach to fit with the brand’s core message: “Create Boldly, Live Boldly”.

Given that being blond comes with a set of stereotypes, we gave ourselves the challenge of changing the collective imagination and harnessing a rebellious attitude to redefine what it means to be blond. We appropriated the iconic “Rock & Roll” and converted it into “Bold & Blond”.

Revlon Professional
  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Concept
  • Offline Communication
  • Print
  • Shooting
  • Storytelling

A rock-oriented
and carefree campaign

Using the tagline “Rock The Blonde In You” we show that being blond is more than flaunting a hair color; this is why we created a visual code that suggests a palette of different urban countercultures.

Blond attitude has arrived
on the social networks

We shot various digital videos for a content plan that brings forth a new vision of blond hair with power and identity.
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transformation spaces

We filled salons with communication materials showing our creative concept in order to encourage clients to dare to go fully blonde.