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The importance
of care

As part of its global strategy centering on empowering women, Skeyndor sponsored the Hockey World Cup, entrusting us with their communication campaign. Tasked with connecting beauty and sport, we redefined the concept of ‘care’, placing importance on its true universal meaning, free from stereotypes. Because in sport, care matters too.
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We shot the
power of the invisible

Sport has values that transcend victory. We shot an advert featuring the Spanish national team, bringing into focus all those invisible moments that occur before and after a game and that go beyond the final result. Because when something matters to you, you care for it, which we reflected in the concept: We care about the game.


An honest sponsorship

By using the tagline Proud Athlete’s Follower, we presented the sponsor’s philosophy in a statement that dispenses with sexist, gender-specific terms. We positioned the brand as a follower of high-level hockey and put the athletes themselves in the limelight, focusing on values common to elite sport, regardless of gender.

The mouthpiece
of a world cup

We created a full campaign with both offline and online pieces to accompany the brand in the press sponsor presentation and the players themselves. We managed to get all the participating teams to connect with the message and share it on their social media, acting as a mouthpiece for the campaign.