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Caring for ourselves
and the planet

Unilever asked us to create a new consumer brand that would elevate bath time, aligned with the DNA of its mother brand, Love Beauty and Planet. A vegan range suitable for giving as a gift based on the philosophy of ethics and nature.

We developed all the branding, from the creation of a logo and digital adverts through to the packaging, key visuals and graphics for e-commerce.

  • Beloved
  • Love Beauty and Planet
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Creation
  • Branding
  • Digital Campaign
  • Digital Video
  • Packaging

Small acts of love
for you and the planet

Caring for your body and mind should not make you feel guilty, especially if you use natural ingredients that respect the planet. For this reason, we based the brand’s logo on a heart to illustrate the meaning of the name Beloved.

92% natural ingredients
in each fragrance

We created an identity inspired by the use of natural ingredients, highlighting the importance of their sensory power. Colorful, attractive and life-giving visual imagery that expands with new ranges each season.

A campaign
designed to be enjoyed

We created a brand launch campaign with an emotional, honest message, transforming self-care into an experience based on enjoyment and sensoriality. We shot several fresh and dynamic digital adverts, presenting the brand and carrying the same spirit into successive campaigns with a focus on new fragrances.
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